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How can I do content marketing if I don’t have an audience or a story to tell them?

Tell stories that answers your audience’s questions and gives them value without overtly selling anything to them.

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What can businesses learn from how Equifax dealt with its massive data breach?

There’s also a lot that businesses can learn from this breach, as well as Equifax’s response to it. A proper response to a crisis like this can make or break the organization.

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How can I get my brand noticed at a trade show?

Think outside the booth. You should try to find clever ways to highlight your products beyond your space on the show floor.

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How does a government agency or elected official measure social media success?

The value of public sector social media efforts should be measured in terms of how effective the communication is at serving the needs of constituents and how much understanding, transparency and trust is generated as a result.

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Can anyone talk to the media during a crisis?

With proper training and preparation, most people can talk to media in the midst of a crisis. Without proper training and preparation, almost no one should.

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Does speaking thoughtfully still matter on social media?

Yes. Being quick, responsive and interesting are important, but not at the expense of saying or sharing something that doesn’t fit your brand, or – worse – harms it.

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