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SHARE:Should I be thinking or doing anything differently because of President Trump?


Should I be thinking or doing anything differently because of President Trump?

Whenever a new president takes office, the transition introduces a degree of uncertainty about how policy changes might affect a company’s business.

In the case of President Trump, there’s the added dimension of his unprecedented style of communication, the round-the-clock media and social media attention it receives and the focus he places on individual businesses in public ways. 

All of this leaves many businesses facing a political landscape unlike any in the past. A number of our clients are talking with us about how to navigate this new territory. While each client has a unique perspective based on its particular industry and business objectives, some common advice is coalescing, and we thought it worth sharing.  

All business and civic leaders can take some steps now to help their respective organizations successfully manage whatever change may ultimately come to pass:  

  • Review your business strategy so you’re prepared for any new opportunities or headwinds that may arise due to changes that come out of Washington, D.C. 
  • Take a closer look at your risk management policies and procedures to see if there are any gaps that could leave you exposed 
  • Assess whether your internal and external communications strategies—as well as your company policies covering ethics and corporate social responsibility—have you prepared to address any of the new concerns or opportunities that could arise from this administration 
  • Assess your engagement and outreach strategies, including those for government affairs, community relations and shareholders
  • Step up your news and social media monitoring to stay ahead of quickly emerging trends and make sure your processes for both proactive and reactive media relations are ready for prime time

By doing these things now, you empower your company to adapt to change in a manner that is consistent with your business objectives, your corporate culture and your organization’s core values. And, you’ll be prepared with a thoughtful, strategic communications and public affairs strategy that will help you to properly serve your stakeholders in this highly charged political environment.

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Maureen Harper

Vice President – Government and Public Affairs

Maureen Harper leads our government affairs practice and works with our Washington office to help companies develop strategies for communicating with government entities and to help government officials better communicate with their constituents.