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SHARE:With so many free graphics and images, do I really need a designer?


With so many free graphics and images, do I really need a designer?

Need? No. But should you? Let’s talk about that.

The cut-and-paste approach you describe is convenient and inexpensive. With little effort and money, you can drop high-quality images into your marketing materials to give your business a professional look.

But is that what you’re after? Is it enough for your business to look as though it belongs with similar businesses? Or do you want more?

What if you have a story to tell? An idea you need to express in a certain way to a certain group of people? A culture, style or swagger you want to project? An emotional connection you want to make?

If your end game involves any of these things, you may want to consider working with a designer. Designers are schooled in more than color and composition. They understand how images affect and move people. They’re masters at creating excellent first and lasting impressions.

Imagine for a moment your business is a person: What would you want people to immediately think or feel about that person if he or she walked into a crowded room? What distinctive image would you want to create? How might that be affected by the kind of clothes this person has chosen to wear, or the posture he or she strikes, or the way he or she is groomed or moves about the room?

Think about all of the assumptions you make about people based on the way they appear, and you’ll begin to appreciate what a designer can do to elevate your point of distinction in a jam-packed, noisy marketplace.

I’m not discounting the stock approach to graphic design; it has its place. Off-the-rack can appeal in certain situations, but so can a bespoke approach. If you want to stand out, if you want the way your business looks and feels to tell a certain story or create a specific impression, a designer can be one of your most valuable resources to make it happen.

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Allyson Smotzer-Senatore

Associate Creative Director

Allyson Smotzer-Senatore is associate creative director at Falls Communications. She helps companies tell stories and make connections with customers through the emotional language of design.