We shape perceptions, attitudes and behaviors

A well-told story can
spur change.

But first someone has to hear your story;
And, it has to be the right someone;
And, the right story;
And, the right telling;
And, the right time.

That's a lot of things to get right. It might be easy if you are the only one with a story to share. But, we all know how much clutter is out there. Good thing we know how to communicate above the roar.

Falls Communications - Meet Us Falls Communications - Meet Us Falls Communications - Meet Us


There are no shortcuts on the road to credibility. Adjectives won't shift behavior; authenticity does. Basic awareness isn't enough; connecting matters. We take the time to understand you and your story so we can be effective champions and protectors of your reputation.


We dive deep to truly understand our clients' aspirations and challenges. We earn your trust and get you to the place you want to be.


We put the spotlight on our clients and pride ourselves on seamless partnership and thoughtful execution with true excellence.


We know our clients work hard to achieve success. We help ensure the right actions and messages are out there - and guide you when they aren't.

Falls Communications - Our Approach


If there's a lesson in every experience, we're lifelong students.

We think curiosity is king and find inspiration, well, everywhere. We create the unexpected by wondering what if? Or, what could be? Or, why not? For our team, it means we get to hang out with spirited, dynamic and committed people. For our clients, it means fresh ideas that are anything but cookie cutter and execution that is nothing less than flawless.

Falls Communications - Our Commitment


We are big fans of Cleveland.

It's been home to our agency for more than two decades. We are privileged to partner with many organizations working to make Cleveland a 24/7 live, work and play city. And, we believe it's our responsibility to give back with our time, ideas and energy.

Falls Communications - Our World


Communications and marketing challenges don't know the boundaries of Cleveland or Northeast Ohio or the United States. And, neither do we. At least, not when it comes to serving our clients. We are a proud member of PROI, giving our clients access to the best and brightest local talent around the globe. It's an elite group of 60 partners in 100 cities of 50 countries, all accessible from our hometown in Cleveland.

Falls Communications - Our World