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When marketing isn't marketing

IR's Communication Breakdown

By Rob Berick | September 2017

The best defense is still a good offense

“There’s no reason for companies to be surprised by an activist approach.”

By Rob Berick | January 2017

How content marketing can elevate investor relations

“Complementing your ongoing IR efforts with the consistent cadence of content marketing will increase your ability to influence the Street’s awareness, consideration, preference and purchase process.”

By Rob Berick | February 2016

What private equity can learn from public companies

“Limited partners are looking for clear, differentiated strategies, with relevant and proven capabilities.”

By Rob Berick | June 2015

Storytelling is the key to investor engagement

"Stories exert a powerful influence on human thoughts and behavior. They consolidate memory, shape emotions, cue heuristics and biases in judgment...”

By Rob Berick | June 2014

The best defense is a good offense

“Today you need real substantive preparation and real (investor) engagement.”

By Rob Berick | January 2014

It’s time to rethink IR

“The problem with investor relations today is that it continues to get more primitive as the markets keep getting more sophisticated.”

By Rob Berick | November 2013